About This Blog

So you've stumbled across this blog during your travels on the net, and probably wondering as to why It's been created and what It's all about, and rightly so. I purchased the domain name of FakePDF.Com with very good reason, namely pertaining to Its relevance with the content posted on this blog, which Is fake PDF files to serve all your social engineering needs. 

Now what I say fake, the files per se are not fictitious, but rather what they contain- which are samples of various documents and the like that you can edit according to your SEing attack vector. For example, have you ever SEd an online company such as Amazon to get a refund for an Item, only to find that their representative asked you to file a police report? Well, there's no need to go to your local station, simply download one of many reports that are available here.

It's not only police reports that you can grab, but also doctor's medical certificates, employment contracts, legal statements, school reports and the list goes on. You will also find store receipts for companies to the likes of Walmart, Argos, Target, ASOS, Costco and so forth. As a social engineer myself, I understand how difficult It can be to obtain such documents/receipts, hence It's one of the main reasons I decided to create this blog and have everything readily available at your fingertips

As opposed to the majority of blogs/sites that you'll find floating online, mine does not have any annoying monetizing nor redirection links. I don't like that sort of garbage, thus for your convenience, I've provided 8 alternate direct download links with the most common file hosting/sharing websites. If you prefer another alternative, simply use the Contact form and I'll see what I can do. 

In closing, after you've selected the PDF file(s) of your choice, I recommend using a software named Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Photoshop to manipulate and edit the file. I update the content very regularly (at least every second or third day), so you'll always have a fresh list at your disposal. I have no doubt that your experience on this blog, will be a pleasant one.

Enjoy 😊