Walmart Store Receipt


Walmart Store/Sales Receipt.

When SEing stores by manipulating their reps/agents for refunds and replacement Items, some companies are somewhat difficult to social engineer hence require a very strategic and calculated approach, whilst others can be SEd with relative ease. For Instance, If you're planning to hit the UK retailer named "Argos" by using the missing Item method, you will experience a very lengthy claims process with the possibility of failure- namely due to the fact that they have CCTV cameras actively monitoring their movements In the warehouse. 

On the other hand and In my experience, "Walmart" Isn't too difficult at all and If you happen to be SEing them and they require a store/sales receipt as proof of purchase, you can use this contribution named "Walmart Store/Sales Receipt", by editing Its contents according to the nature of your SE. To do that, and given It's a PDF file, I recommend using Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop- which you can find a cracked version of the latest release on The Pirate Bay.

Here's a screenshot of what to expect when the file has been downloaded. 

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