Vehicle Maintenance Forms v1.0


Vehicle Maintenance Forms v1.0

In terms of grabbing your victim's confidential Information, there are many ways It can be done, such as SEing them over the phone by saying that you're a customer service rep from their ISP needing their details to verify the account, or Infecting their PC with a keylogger to capture every keystoke, with the Intention of getting login credentials to their online accounts. With the Information collected, you can then build their Identity from the ground up, and I don't need to elaborate on what happens next. Alternatively, If you're not targeting anyone In particular but would like to gather their Info to create a profile, you can do that with this contribution named "vehicle maintenance release forms".

You'd simply pretend that you're someone working In the accounts department who needs to finalize some paperwork, and email the form to a bunch of workers requesting to fill In the make, model, year and licence plate number of their vehicle. Many employees use their own car and not one that belongs to the company and as such, the above-mentioned details can be used to social engineer the DMV, thereby obtain the full name, address and date of birth that's associated with the registered vehicle. It doesn't get much easier than that. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat to edit the PDF files according to the nature and environment of your target(s).

There are 4 PDFs Included In the download, and here's a screenshot of one file.

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