Reimbursement Forms v1.0


Reimbursement Forms v1.0

If you're reading this article whilst being actively registered In a social engineering community, like an Internet forum, you'd be predominantly discussing "company manipulation and exploitation", whereby you trick the representatives for refunds or have replacement Items sent at no extra cost. As you're aware, SEing extends a lot further than that, such as (and stating the obvious) grabbing your victim's personal details with the objective to build Identities from the ground up, or perhaps compromising and taking over their online accounts. There are countless methods to achieve either of these and In terms of the former (build their Identity), you can use this contribution named "Reimbursement Forms"

It's used from an employment standpoint, where workers claim for work-related expenses and once It's approved, the funds are credited Into their account. You can easily reverse the process, by pretending to be the general manager from the building In the head office and Issue a reimbursement form to your victim via email, saying that you've looked over the expenses and money Is In fact owing to them. In doing so, you'd ask him/her to fill out their full name, bank account details, social security number etc and when It's returned, the amount will be paid. After all, who doesn't want extra cash? As such, you'll find that your target will comply with your request. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat to edit the files according to the environment of your victim. 

There a 5 PDFs Included In the download, and here's a screenshot of one file.

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