DHL Shipment Receipt


DHL Shipment Receipt.

If you're the type of social engineer who's been hitting online stores to the likes of Amazon, Argos, Logitech and so forth, by manipulating their reps/agents for refunds and replacements using methods such as the DNA, wrong Item received, missing Item/partial, boxing etc, you'd certainly know what It takes to get the job done. Unless the representative you're dealing with at the time Is half-asleep and simply approves your claim with very little to no questions asked, for the most part, you will be asked to provide certain details to move forward with your claim. 

If the carrier happens to be "DHL" and the company you're SEing requires delivery confirmation for a package that you didn't receive to begin with, then you can SE them by using this contribution named "DHL Shipment Receipt". The file comes In a PDF format, so I recommend using Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop to edit Its contents according to your needs.

Here's a screenshot of what to expect when the file has been downloaded.

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