Proof Of Postage Receipt


Proof Of Postage Receipt.

In the world of social engineering online stores to the likes of John Lewis, Logitech, Argos, Amazon and so forth for refunds and replacements, there's a lot Involved to get the job done right. Things like researching your target, formulating your method against the nature of the Item and flawlessly executing your attack vector, all play a significant role to ensure a successful outcome. All that relies on the competency and skill set of yourself- the SE'er.

However there are some circumstances that are beyond your control, namely how the representative decides to handle your claim, as well as certain types of requests- one of which Is proof of postage. If you're asked to provide such evidence and you're SEing using a postal service, then this contribution named "proof of postage receipt", will certainly suffice. The file Is In PDF format, so I recommend using Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop to edit Its contents according to the nature of your needs. 

Here's a screenshot of what to expect when the file has been downloaded.

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