Password Lists v1.0


Password Lists v1.0

The Internet has certainly come a long way since I first started using It over three decades ago. Social media sites to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have formed and continue to grow on a daily basis, and YouTube Is predominantly the home for anyone wanting to upload and share their videos with the rest of the globe. As such, It's Inevitable that almost every computational user who utilizes the net, will have at least one online account to their name and from a social engineering standpoint, gaining unauthorized access can reveal all types of personal Information and depending on the nature of the account, transaction details may also be available.

To grab their credentials, rather than compromising your victim's computer with a keylogger, RAT or stealer (which can be a difficult task to bypass antivirus software), you can easily SE them by sending an email and pretending to be a customer service representative of a given organization who' s performing a routine annual security check on their account. To do that, simply send any one of the "Password List" files contributed In this post, and reassure your target that the moment It's completed and returned, their account Information will be up-to-date. You'd be surprised how many users actually fall victim to this! There's 4 PDF files Included In the download, and I suggest using Adobe Acrobat to edit each one accordingly.

Just to give you a visual of what to expect, here's a snippet of one file.

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