Employee Evaluation Forms v1.0


Employee Evaluation Forms v1.0

The good thing about the art of exploiting the human firewall, Is the array of attack vectors you have at your disposal to achieve just about anything that comes to mind. Be It manipulating a worker at a Fortune 500 company to gain unauthorized access to the building, or SEing online companies for refunds and replacement Items- they can easily be accomplished If you have the skill set and know-how. 

Alternatively, If you want to grab your victim's signature and a few other bits and pieces, you can use an "employee evaluation/performance form", by pretending that you're a supervisor from the head office of where they're employed, and ask them to sign & return the form that you'll send via email. This Is the first release of "Employee Evaluation Forms", that contains 5 PDF files In total. I recommend using a software named Adobe Acrobat to edit them according to the nature of your SE. 

Here's a screenshot of one file Included In the download.

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