Curriculum Vitae Forms v1.0


Curriculum Vitae Forms v1.0

If you want to social engineer your victim on a personal level to grab their full name, date of birth, address, phone number, previous employment history, hobbies and so forth, one of the best ways to do It Is to get hold of their "CV" (curriculum vitae) also referred to as a "resume". You can easily do It with this contribution named "Curriculum Vitae Forms", whereby you pretend to be someone from an employment agency who's Interested In hiring him/her for a similar job, but with better pay/hourly rate. 

To do this, simply email a blank CV form, and ask your target to fill In their details and send It back at their earliest convenience. To help ensure the process runs smoothly from start to finish, assure your victim that an Interview will be arranged the moment you receive their curriculum vitae. It doesn't get much easier than that! To edit the PDF files according to the nature of your target's environment, I recommend using a software named Adobe Acrobat.

There's 4 PDFs Included In the download, and here's a screenshot of one file.

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