Costco Store Receipt


Costco Store/Sales Receipt.  

Pertaining to SEing online retailers for refunds and replacement Items, you'd predominantly focus on hitting major retailers that are known to be vulnerable to exploitation, by using certain types of dedicated methods that (for the most part) work with the nature of the Item you're Intending to SE. A couple of companies that I'm referring to are Currys PC World and of course, the biggest eCommerce company being Amazon. 

Though, It extends a lot further than those, and although "Costco" Isn't a commonality between SE'ers, by no means Is It not susceptible to manipulation and exploitation. If you opt to SE them and they require a store/sales receipt to verify proof of purchase, you can use this contribution named "Costco Store Receipt" to fulfill their request. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop to edit the PDF file according to your needs.

Here's a screenshot of the PDF file Included In the download.


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