Amazon.Com Invoice


Amazon.Com Invoice

If you're the type of social engineer who's been hitting online stores, by manipulating their reps to Issue refunds and replacement Items, there's no doubt that Amazon Is part of the equation, namely because they're a lot easier to SE than Logitech, ASOS, Argos and a few others. Whilst many SE'ers pay for the Item first and then use traditional methods to the likes of the DNA, wrong Item received or missing Item to SE their target, not everyone has the funds to begin with, and that's when the serial number method comes Into action. You'd simply grab a serial that's still under warranty, claim that Its respective Item Is defective and receive a refund/replacement thereafter. 

However, It's not as simple as It sounds- for the most part, you will be asked to provide a "POP" (Proof Of Purchase) to verify that the Item was In fact purchased from the company you're SEing. If It's "" that you happen to be social engineering, then you've come to the right place! At the time of this article, this contribution named "Amazon.Com Invoice" Is the closest thing to the real deal. It comes In a PDF format, so use Adobe Acrobat or Photoshop to edit the details according to your needs.

Here's a screenshot of what to expect when the file has been downloaded. Click the Image to expand the view. 

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