Home Inspections v1.0


Home Inspection Lists v1.0

For the most part, social engineering attacks happen remotely, such as SEing someone over the phone with the Intention to grab their username & password, or hitting online stores to the likes of Currys PC World and Logitech to manipulate their representatives Into Issuing refunds and replacement Items. If you're the type of SE'er who's also quite confident In a physical environment, then this first release of "Home Inspection Lists v1.0" may be just what you're looking for. 

For Instance, you can pretend to be an Inspector from your local council who's performing routine household checks In the neighborhood and use the list to verify your Intentions, whereby you can SE your target for their personal details or perhaps take note of the home's Interior valuables. I'll leave the rest to your Imagination! There's 5 PDF files In total, and you can use Adobe Acrobat to edit them according to your needs.

Here's a snippet of one PDF Included In the download.

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