Call Log Templates v1.0


Call Log Templates v1.0

Those who're actively Involved In social engineering communities to the likes of Internet forums, would be predominantly SEing companies by manipulating reps/agents Into Issuing refunds and replacement Items using various methods to achieve their objective. The goal from an SE'ers standpoint, Is for financial gain, but there's a lot more that can be obtained from a company to benefit the social engineer- just a family & given name Is enough to start the process of building one's Identity from the ground up. I don't need to explain what happens next. But obviously, you'd need to access such details, and this particular contribution named "Call Log Templates", can certainly be of help.

For Instance, after you've researched the company In question and established who their telecommunications provider Is, you can pretend to be a rep/agent from the tech department who's performing a few routine maintenance checks. In order to verify call records, each employee Is required to simply complete & return a "call log form" (that you'll distribute via email) with their name, company name, phone number/extension and the date of when the last call was made. Of course, there are many other ways that you can perform the SE, but I'm just giving a general example. I recommend using Adobe Acrobat to edit the files according the nature of your attack vector.

There are 5 PDFs Included In the download, and here's a snippet of one file.


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